Addressing a broad range of chronic diseases

Our Shielded Living TherapeuticsTM platform combines advanced cell engineering with innovations in biocompatible materials, potentially enabling our products to produce a wide range of therapeutic molecules that may be missing or deficient in the body, including proteins, antibodies and enzymes.


Our pipeline currently spans three disease areas – including rare blood, lysosomal, and endocrine diseases – with product candidates designed to be off-the-shelf, durable, controllable and redosable, without requiring modification of the patient’s genes or immunosuppression.


Based on earlier preclinical data, we believe that SIG-001, our lead product candidate, has the potential to prevent bleeding episodes in patients with moderate-severe to severe hemophilia A by continuously secreting human FVIII. We are currently enrolling patients in a Phase 1/2 trial in this indication, as we continue to advance our other programs toward the clinic.


Program Discovery Lead Optimization IND Enabling Phase 1/2 Phase 3
Rare Blood Disorders
SIG-001 - Hemophilia A
SIG-009 - FVII Deficiency
SIG-003 - Hemophilia B
Lysosomal Diseases
SIG-005 - MPS-1
SIG-007 - Fabry
SIG-018 - MPS-2
SIG-020 - MPS-6
Endocrine & Other Chronic Diseases
SIG-002 - Type 1 Diabetes*
SIG-XXX - IMD (Undisclosed)
Platform could be foundation for multiple products to enable treatment of vast array of disorders that require chronic protein administration

*Sigilon is leading execution of the program through IND and Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly), a global leader in diabetes, will develop and commercialize the program worldwide.